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Tyres- before I click buy

mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 408
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
My Krylions are knackered. I suppose the default replacement is the Pro 4 Endurance. Before I buy can anyoe suggest alternatives. No particluar brand loyalty. Price should be under 30 quid. 25mm only please. and yes I did search.


  • shadow4532shadow4532 Posts: 133
    go for the pro4s there brilliant
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  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    You need to list your priorities and condition of local roads. For me, lightweight is tops with a good grip in all conditions. I also like a supple ride and am prepared to put up with less than fantastic durability and a tendancy to cut up, which seems to always come with race tyres. Also, I don't mind spending a bit but there are some bargains to be had. My local roads are fairly good when it comes to sharp stones/flints (rarely have to pick stuff out).

    So, for me, either GP4000s or Ultremo ZX, both will cost at the top of your budget even with shopping around. Neither will last as long as Kyrllions (which last forever) or offer the same protection but the ride quality will be much better.
  • Coach HCoach H Posts: 1,092
    I was in the same boat a couple of months ago when I tore the sidewall of my front Krylion 25mm.

    Ended up with Conti 4 Seasons. Nothing wrong with them but IMHO they dont ride as well as Krylions and are visably smaller (admittedly 25mm Krylions are closer to 27mm and GP4S are pretty much bang on 25mm) and this can definatelly be felt through the bars. I am not going to replace the GP4S until it wears out/fails, but next time I will be trying the Pro4 Endurance.

    A whole heap of people will be along now defending the honour of GP4S, particularly the Audax crowd who universally love them.
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  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,734
    GP4000s, have put thousands of miles on mine (both summer and winter bike) and had 2 punctures in 2 years, one a pinch flat from a pot hole!

    Sold as a race tyre, but I'd say a really good all-round tyre.
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Pro4 Endurance or Conti GP4Seasons. Both good tyres and similar spec to the outgoing Krylions.

    Gone off Schwalbe road tyres after poor quality control on them.
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  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ..same position as you, but stuck my neck out and went for the PRO 4 Service Course...very pleased with them and 700 p~~ free miles so far...Probike Kit had them for about £25 at the time..
  • canny_ladcanny_lad Posts: 329
    Just stuck some Conti Grand Prix GT's on last night. They roll well and have improved the ride no end. £53 the pair from Ribble.
  • gazlgazl Posts: 38
    +1 on the continental grand prix, i run these 24mm......bike24 germany have these on sale for 15euros each, placing my order today
  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    pro 4 endurance all the way!

    a pair for £45 here too: ... tyres.html - a site for sore eyes
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