MRI Scan results on my knee

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It's marked Private and Confidential but I'll share the results with a few of you. Basically I'm after some suggestions and answers for questions I forgot to ask the doc.
'In plain terms there is a small amount of swelling in the knee and a little bit of wear of the cartilages between the main bones... ' 'there is no specific treatment for this and you should continue to enjoy non-weight bearing exercise'

So is my knee f*$ked? I've scrapped plans to do any road running for a while.

Anyone got a prognosis?


  • sofaboy73
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    As the doctor says, crack on

    Ibuprofen for the swelling (before & after ride), stick to the bike (deff knock the running on the head), stay away from clipless pedals and use this as an excuse to buy more suspension!

    Re the cartledge, I've torn mind a couple of times and had some removed. I find taking glucosamine and omega 3 every day helps
  • Stu Coops
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    Got exactly the same problem and had it for the last 18 months just got to put up with it, as for clipless pedals there fine to use.
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  • Beanyman
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    Sounds like you have damaged your miniscus.

    Wait til the swelling has gone down and the pain & discomfort disappears, then just crack on with life. Don't let it stop you doing anything.

    I have no ACL, a torn MCL and damaged my miniscus in my left knee through playing football many years ago. (17 years ago) it doesn't stop me running, weight training (squat 140kg, DL 192kg, leg press 300kg) which is obviously weight bearing or cycling with SPD's etc..
    I find taking glucosamine and omega 3 every day helps
  • bonezy
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    Chondroitin. It's like the Lord himself is rubbing your knee better.
  • ollie51
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    I'd say get a bike fit (find your local specialized store that does BG fits) to ensure your knee alignment and saddle height is bang on. Other than that, I'd say keep calm and carry on.