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Only my second outing on the new bike

Fil6914Fil6914 Posts: 74
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Well I eventually managed to get out on the new Carrera Vituoso tonight having only managed 5 miles when I first bought it. A seven day golf holiday in Spain coupled with the censored weather has stopped me till now, and it was quite eventful

Made a route using ridewithgps website of 17.6 miles and set off just after 7 pm as I was waiting for the traffic to subside. I set off through the estate towards wynyard via Thames road within five minutes I'd been spat at by a car full of youths, nice, and a couple of close calls with cars passing too close for comfort. I hit Thames road which is uphill and started to realise how unbike fit I am, puffing and panting I got to the top of the small bank and free wheeled as far as I could to get my breath back. Then up towards wynyard bank, downhill thank god lol, I didn't free wheel down that as I was braking to stay at a frightingly fast 27mph on dodgy roads, on upto Thorpe thewels junction hoping for a clear run through. That wasn't to be, many cars going towards Stockton, I tried to balance and yes the enevitable happened, in slow motion I crashed to the ground unable to unclip in time. A young lady stopped to see if I was ok which was nice, I checked the bike which was ok, checked for blood which was ok and on I went.

Onto a duel carriage way traffic passing me 70-80 mph for the next quite a few miles, I may as well be on the M1, on towards the Sedgefield roundabout and right back towards Billingham, and yes you guessed into a strong headwind, I managed quite well changing gears when needed up the banks and where the wind was strongest, but still with very fast traffic, a couple coming within a foot when they had an empty lane at the side of them, my expletives were lost in the wind I guess lol.

Now the big one the A19 roundabout hoping and praying I get a clear route through, I didn't want to fall off again. As the gods would have it there was nothing in the way and managed the roundabout without incident, onwards to the Hartlepool roundabout where another car full of youths decided to try and distract me by tooting there horn and waving, gesturing to me again expletives lost in the wind, damn this wind ha ha

Nearly home only a couple of miles to go and I start to slow down worrying about the dismount at the end of the ride, onto my road unclipped left, unclipped right now hope the foot don't slip while I try to stop ....... Phewwww stopped and off just as the neighbour comes out, the one who saw me fall on the drive the first ride, and all is done 17.6 miles in 70 minutes that's good going for me.

Things I've learnt

Plan a quieter route, the traffic was way too fast
Try to ignore the numptys as they can't here my swearing so I'm just expending energy
Remember to zip up my under saddle bag at the beginning of the ride not the end, luckily everything was still there
Must must must learn to unclip or else go back to straps and cages

Hope you've enjoyed my escapade tonight

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  • city_boycity_boy Posts: 1,616
    Sounds like a great advert for the stress relieving benefits of cycling :D
    Glad you survived in one piece - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Wonder if its just me wishing bad things on the pond life that spat at you?
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  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    Cracking write up,and sounds an eventful ride.You made it through and still keen,so keep at it.Also just ignore censored heads there not worth the energy.
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  • supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
    Dual carriageway????? Are you insane :)

    Like you say, plan a better route. Move to the country.
  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    I took a wrong turn on my Sunday ride and had to do 6 miles on an A road before finding a turning I needed, cars coming past at 50-60mph was bad enough. Dual carriage way must have been super scary :shock:
  • meth_ticalmeth_tical Posts: 67
    Great review of the ride. I'm in Middlesbrough and know the roads you describe very well. I wouldn't fancy my chances on the dual carriageway towards Sedgefield but overall it sounds like a great route.
  • Fil6914Fil6914 Posts: 74
    Without putting the bike in the car and driving somewhere i dont really have much choice but to go on these main roads unfortunatly.

    My new DHB bib shorts have arrived today so will maybe try a different route towards Seal Sands later today and see how busy those roads are.

    thanks for your coments guys

    Road - Giant Defy 0
    Road - carrera virtuoso
    MTB - Kona cindercone MTB 1997
  • Simon430Simon430 Posts: 118
    I live in stockton but there is some cracking and quiet roads in the Thorpe thewles area, very easy to create a circular lap, I loop through stillington and back down through to yarm/egglescliffe then back north to stockton. I would avoid seal sands, too many lorries use it.
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    I cant believe nobody has asked - so did you get her number?? ;)
  • Fil6914Fil6914 Posts: 74
    Lol no mate the wife would kill me besides I was too busy making sure the bike was ok

    Road - Giant Defy 0
    Road - carrera virtuoso
    MTB - Kona cindercone MTB 1997
  • Mikey41Mikey41 Posts: 690
    Yep, avoid dual carriageways and busy A roads, they can be pretty stressful. Find the quickest way to quieter country roads and enjoy :)
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  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,510
    At least you got out there.

    I would second avoiding dual carriage ways. And round here I avoid going out after 6 - too many knob heads out and about.

    Good write up - the roads will be quieter over the bank holiday :mrgreen:
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