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Fulcrum Red XLR (Cult) wheelset opinions

edtenedten Posts: 228
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Anyone have any experience with these? Almost about to drop my money on some? Not going tubs route, just want some alloy clinchers for ease of use, but after the best ones out there (up to £1200 max). Also been considering the bullets but theyre pretty much the same wheel I guess...just prefer the slightly more understated graphics of the Fulcrums.


  • assuming you mean red wind xlr ... d-wind-xlr

    I ride Reynolds Assaults and I'd prefer them over the Fulcrums. The fulcrums are very stiff and the bearings are as good as any. I just really think the road feel of Reynolds is superior to any. It's not something you hear people speak about but having ridden/raced many a wheel, I don't need to sway other with stiffness figures or grams.
  • edtenedten Posts: 228
    Yes theyre the ones I am referring to. I was looking at the assaults however Id read a couple of comments about flex. Whats your experiences with the Assaults as far as flex, sprints, hard uphill efforts and hard cornering etc? And the carbon braking issue, have you used them much for downhill stuff? I certainly wouldn't be doing any mountain descents but as long as they're safe enough for some UK hilly races I'd be fine with that.
  • the ride quality I'm talking about it partially about them not being stiff as nuts. I'm a fairly lightweight rider and I don't need a sprinters wheel set but I do put out a good wattage in climbs and never felt them rub the pads. Partly why I like this wheel set is for how it tracks in the corners and accelerates. it's something Reynolds really nailed and what it's know for in the team and peloton I ride. They're supplied with heir proprietary cryo blue pads which supposed to really help resisting heat build up but i've also used them with swiss stop black carbon pads to good effect. I ride them with as much confidence as i've ridden alloy wheels anywhere really.

    Good luck with making the choice!
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