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Roadie feeling dirty...

ted-on-tourted-on-tour Posts: 225
edited May 2013 in MTB beginners
Just a quick hello from a lycra loving roadie who has just pulled the trigger on a second hand ridgeback mx4. Looking forward to going out and getting amongst the woods and tracks of cannock chase and the forest of dean.

Any advice you dirty beggers can offer would be great.

Wish me luck!
Pain is a momentary lapse of character.


  • ted-on-tourted-on-tour Posts: 225
    Posted twice by mistake, mods please delete
    Pain is a momentary lapse of character.
  • James QJames Q Posts: 201
    Just get out there and enjoy it! And make sure you put pics of your bike up lol.
  • RobJ20RobJ20 Posts: 48
    Dont wear lycra.
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