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Anyone here done the strava challenge for April?
To ride 1319 kilometers in the month of April.

How did you find it?

Just finished mine and feel so drained its unreal. Pleased I have done it tho.
Could be time to graduate to the road general forum me thinks.


  • Jon_1976
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    Well done!

    I was on target for doing it. Pushed myself harder and did 298 miles in the first 5 days of April. Then I had to have fork repaired, which took 2 weeks :( Then, when I got bike back, discovered my 305 was switching itself off, so its basically useless lol :D and I havent got my rider 35 handy :cry:

    Got a new bike about 10 days and done about 160 miles (unlogged).

    Next time...
  • ju5t1n
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    There's a Bike Radar Road Forum club on Strava, join up and you can see who's completed the challenge. About 10 of us so far. Still a few hours to go!
  • dannyharris
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    Keeps defaulting my search to my local town. Can't blinking find em.

    And that sucks Jon. Fingers crossed for the next one
  • Took part and completed mine a few days ago, have racked up 1532km now (951 miles). My previous distance in a month was 865 miles last august. Only been doing 500-600 miles so far this year, but was inspired by this challenge to increase it a bit. Bit gutted now I didn't put in a few more miles to get the 1000 miles in a month (one of my goals for the year).

    Don't feel particularly drained to be honest - but then I have been doing a consistent 500-600 miles ever month since last July right through the winter including commuting 20 miles (each way) twice to three times a week - whatever the weather.
  • Mikey23
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    Just finished today and found it hard, hard, hard but great fun. There was no possibility of having days off because it just means you get behind. I did 28 rides and spent a lot of that just trundling around my local loop. Had to keep a steady pace otherwise I would have burned out so averaged about 12mph. The weather was mercifully kind here and not much rain although it seems to have been cold and windy throughout. It's probably the most consistently challenging thing I've done and I'm surprised I've toughed it out to be honest. And I've signed up for the may one...
  • Cleat Eastwood
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    Theres on starts tomorrow 500 miles I think.
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  • Mikey23
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    Can someone point me towards this strava forum. It's been mentioned before but I can't find it... Certainly not under the road sub forum ...
  • thefd
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    Mikey23 wrote:
    Can someone point me towards this strava forum. It's been mentioned before but I can't find it... Certainly not under the road sub forum ...
    It's not on this forum - go to Strava's website, then look for bikeradar in the clubs section.
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  • goffski
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    Finished it tonight, didn't think I'd manage to be honest as a few of my Saturday/Sundays were already taken up with family things. Ended on 1326km and rather pleased I managed it.
  • muzzan
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    Managed it with my commute home today (the last 15 mi, not all of it!)

    Easily the most miles I've done in a month, about half & half commute & weekends. Biggest single ride was 80mi on Sat.

    Trying to manage my mileage increase gradually, but last week was quite tough, 1st time I've cycled to work every day & had long rides at w/e. 9 days in a row, legs definitely feeling it, but not too bad.

    1000mi in a month is a good target if the weather ever gets better up here.
  • southdownswolf
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    I managed 1,027.9 kms, which although is quite far, I am expecting to do about 3 times that next month. A few days booked off work for training, followed by cycling a JOGLE at the end of the month should see me do it.
  • marcusjb
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    I finished this one a couple of weeks ago, and then ground to a halt with a huge workload and then a cold.

    Started the may one off last night with 13km home from the pub. I should be okay for this one - it's 1000km.

    They are quite a good way of motivating myself as I try and get the miles in for LEL this year.
  • Mikey23
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    @thefd ... aah i see, thanks for that!
  • Grill
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    2,193 km this month. Like Marcus I had a lot of work on this month so missed about 10 days on the road.
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