Bont shoes and ovens

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Feeling a bit tetchy about sticking my Bont road shoes in the oven (just ain't natural) so thought I'd check if anyone has any pearls of wisdom before I stick them in and they come out like a shrunken crisp packet! I guess the first thing is to make sure I've removed the cleats! Could prove embarrassing :)


  • Yes, make sure you removed the cleats, and make sure you know fahrenheit from celcius. Mate of mine accidentally mis-read the instructions and baked his at 70c instead of 70f.

    Oh how we laughed.

    Also, it's best to let the missus know what you're doing beforehand. When mine found me baking my new shoes in the oven, she just said "What. The. Fcuk?!" This from a woman who never swears, ever. She thought I was on crack or something.
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    Glad you mentioned the fahrenheit thing - that hadn't sunk in! Hence why I'm asking before I do something dumb!
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    Hang on, just double checked the instructions and it is 70c (140f)
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    Hmmn, was going to say, 70f is just a pleasantly warm day!
  • 70c or 160F for 20 minutes or so - make sure the oven doesn't get any hotter as this voids the warranty/can weaken the carbon etc.... Take out the inner-sole, take off the cleats.

    Let them cool for a few minutes, the insides get very hot. Then stick them on and tighten them up.

    Repeat as desired, it can take a couple of tries over a few days/weeks to get it exactly right. You can remold as many times as you like

    Use a blunt object to mold the shoe if anything is uncomfortable (i.e digging in at the heel)
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    vilhelms wrote:
    Hang on, just double checked the instructions and it is 70c (140f)

    HA! Dammit!
    I meant 160c instead of 70c

    Still, at least if you put them in at 70f, they'd not melt away the fronts and the ratchet. :lol:
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    Most oven temp gauges are off. I bought a £3-4 oven temp gauge at Tesco and it is surprising how much it is off. As per the vid on their site, do 15 mins first and then try for another 5. If they still aren't right then keep them in for a bit longer. It took me a few ggoes and I ended up closer to 80 on the temp gauge.

    However, it was all to no avail as I have to do it all again, as I shoul dhave listened to their sizing xhart rather than buying a god deal on a standard width rather than get wides first time out :(
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