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Gaerne shoes

mabbomabbo Posts: 117
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
All, in the market to treat myself to a new pair of shoes. Currently using DHB basics, lasted two years, but now looking shabby. Got a size 42, UK8 when new. Fit has been OK. Shoe size is UK 8.

Anyone got experience with the Gaerne make? Being Italian would it be safe to order a size 8, or do they come up small.....or big??

Any ideas?

Also any comments on Gaerne anyway?


  • Tom DeanTom Dean Posts: 1,723
    I have got some but not used them much yet. Size wise they are fairly standard, if a little narrow.
  • kilokilo Posts: 174
    I use some carb on soled gaerne as my best road shoes and just got some mtb ones as well (coincidentaly I also have dhb for commuting and mtb as well). Fit wise they seem similar to dhb, i use 45's in both makes. I got my road ones at a decent shop in Italy and tried a fair few sidi and northwave at the same time and none seemed as comfortable. I like them, certainly a step up from dhb, the new basic ones of which are, imho, a bit cheap and nasty nowadays. Not noticed them to be particularly narrow.
  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301
    Just bought a pair of Gaerne Coste carbon soled shoes for under £90 from Chain Reaction and by coincidence was using DHB shoes.

    I'd say the Gaerne shoes are marginally smaller-I'm also a 42 but they still fit fine. Guess it will depend on your foot width but the quality is great and they are so much lighter.

    I almost went for some Diadora shoes which looked the business but they didn't have the colour I wanted. And being honest, what I really wanted was a pair of Sidi shoes but apart from being outside my budget for the ones I wanted- I know my place and need to build up to them!
  • wills1880wills1880 Posts: 112
    I have some Gaerne G.Fora shoes I'm a size 8 and the 8's fit perfectly.

    Can't fault the quality, and they really look smart especially in the white :wink:
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  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301
    I've got the 'reflex' ones which are grey in daylight but meant to reflect light in a crazy way, so can't wait to see how that pans out!
  • mabbomabbo Posts: 117
    Cheers Guys, sounds like the 8 will fit me, I have narrow feet anyway...................apparently. And they are on a limited colour from CRC, but at half price. It so happens it matches my bike colour scheme. If going bling, it may as well be matching bling. And do I expect them to make me any faster or a better rider? not at all. Just boys and toys really.So off to order.
  • mabbomabbo Posts: 117
    I bought htese off CRC; Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus EPS Shoes 2012 - 42 - Art
    ID: 378860
    Unit Price: £118.99
    Tried them like a glove and feel like slippers. I'll let you know how they feel on the bike once in use. Look much better in life than the pictures, colour scheme works great for my bike. Not convinced they will make me pedal any faster though !!!!!! Oh, and one small blob of italian glue on the inside right heel cup.......but hey, I guess that's so I know they are hand made !!!! I've put a complaint into CRC about it though.

    Anyway, suns out at last !!!!
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