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Bike advice needed for a newbie

gwenthomasgwenthomas Posts: 5
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Hi - Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but here goes...

Other than the occasional Barclays bike, I haven't cycled much since I was a kid. However now I have a flat with a bike-store I've made to decision to purchase a bike mostly for leisure purposes. However I really have no idea whats good and bad out there...

Some bikes I've considered thus far are:

Raleigh's Cameo Burgundy ... 66&pg=9140

Dutchie's 'Chic' Three-Speed

Claud Butler's Windsor ... rid/cb3043

Dawes Diploma (if I can find a second hand one)

I discounted a Pashley because they are too expensive (not really wanting to spend >£300, I live in London so I'm sure it'd get nicked, and they seem to be rather heavy which isn't suitable for me as I'm rather slight of frame...

Does anyone have any advice on any of the above or suggestions on something else I should consider...? :( :?:


  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    You seem to have decided the kind of bike you want is a ladies' Sit Up And Beg type thingy made of steel with a basket on the front.

    tbh I've no experience with this sort of bike - I suspect they're heavy with a limited gear range. I was just looking at another thread (for a lady who was after a new bike) and one suggestion that keeps coming up is for Decathlon eg

    Another thing that crops up is - make the effort to get a properly fitted bike. Even if you do decide to get the kind of bike you've linked to, have a sit on it to make sure the weight is OK, otherwise you just wont ride it.
  • navrignavrig Posts: 1,352
    Any of them would suit for leisurely town or country riding but best that you go along to a bike shop and look what's on offer, speak to the salesman and sit on them.

    Before you buy take a while to really think about what you want to do on your bike - distance, speed, fitness improvement etc.
  • thanks for the advice! I'm quite liking the B'Twin City Bikes ELOPS 7 2012 from Decathlon.

    Also tempted by the Greta at The Baltic Bicycle Company just because its so lightweight although being single speed is slightly impracticable.

    I guess I will need to go see as many of these bikes as I can for a test ride
  • Hey :)

    I recently helped a friend buy a similar classic style bike - imo these are the best ... if you can get one in budget. They're a lot lighter than similar bikes (Pashley etc) ... you don't want to be struggling in & out of a flat with a big old lump! Pashleys are HEAVY!

    Hope that helps! Enjoy your ride.
  • yep, you're right 12 - 14kg is really light, though they're stretching my budget slightly! Could be a contender still...
  • I created a table to help me decide, but to be honest most of the "technical" data doesn't mean much to me, so if anyone would like to comment on which of these comes up best feel free :)

  • vectra0vectra0 Posts: 128
    Just quickly scanning the bikes, the raleigh and claude butler have reliable kit on, if you wanted to cycle for lesiure as well these would be a good choice, if you plan on riding anywhere with hills or different terrain the gears and v brakes will help massively.
  • MuffintopMuffintop Posts: 296
    For my tuppenny worth - I liked the duchie on asthetics alone - but they will be a faff to pull up and down stairs. If you're resigned to it getting stolen, will you be getting insurance?

    FCN: Brompton: 12, Tourer: 7, Racer: 4
  • AlitogataAlitogata Posts: 148
    Check out the Raleigh Denmark sitewhich has all kind of upright position city bikes like these you like to buy. You will not find them in other sites because Raleigh makes specific models for Danish market. Some of them, especially the mixte ones are very beautiful bikes.

    About the weight of a bike. It doesn't matter so much what is the weight of the bike. What is important is how good can a bike roll and if it has enough gears to help you powerfully pedal the bike. 14 kilos 3 geared bike will feel heavier than a 16 kilos and 8 geared bike and a bike with better quality of wheels but heavier, will roll better and with less efford from you than a lighter bike with not so good quality wheels or less gears.
    Have in mind that the upright riding position doesn't help you to pedal efficiently too, so prefer a bike with more gears and don't bother too much about the weight as these type of bikes are not made for high speeds in any case. :)
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