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Nukeproof Warhead HD headset installation

scholesymanscholesyman Posts: 4
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech

I've only been building bikes for a year, and it's safe to say my knowledge isn't the greatest.

Basically, I have a Nukeproof Warhead HD headset and a pair of Marzocchi Bomber 03 EXR Comp suspension forks. The steerer tube is 1 1/8 standard and the sealed headset is built for the same.

The problem I have is when i slide the bottom bart of the headset (crown race?) onto the steerer tube, it stops short of the bottom due to the tube getting wider. My friend told me he normally just puts a bit of pipe over the top and whacks it with a mallet, and from looking at YouTube videos this seems to be the norm.

Mine however, seems to tight for this technique to do anything other than damage the crown race. Am I missing something? A spacer? A tool? Or am I just being a tool!?

I searched online for a solution but came up short so here I am.

I appreciate any response. Thanks


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