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Trail bike suspension set-up for DH day.

ThePriory1978ThePriory1978 Posts: 563
edited April 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a day trip to Cwmcarn uplift coming up, first time riding it on my full-sus a 150/140 trail bike. I've ridden Cwm a few times on my hardtail, first time on my new bike.

Would I be right in saying that when setting up a trail bike for DH to drop a few psi for extra plushness/sag and speed up the rebound to prevent packing down on the high speed repetitive impacts... or just leave it at my standard sag/rebound settings?

Is there a way to prevent front fork dive when I don’t have high/low speed compression adjustments.

I generally understand how to dial suspension but I’m no expert.


Snot green Canyon Nerve AM 8.0x


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