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Favourite jersey

Tc1993Tc1993 Posts: 23
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So after lots of reading up on the whole 'team jersey' business and most people saying they like retro jerseys..

So that got me thinking, what is your favourite jersey?


  • southdownswolfsouthdownswolf Posts: 1,514
    Maybe not an obvious choice, but I have the new Prostate Cancer Uk jersey that I really like the design off.
    Retro jerseys, I like the Molteni black shirt from Prendas.
  • panasonic sportlife circa 1990, abdoujaparov on the champs elysees stacking it at 50mph, great days
  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,510
    This - I love this

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  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,515
    of the retro ones, la vie claire, just wish it was full zip


    also really like my cinelli thelma and louise...

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  • DeEmBeDeEmBe Posts: 31
    I like the Super u jerseys from the 83/84 period worn by Fignon, a real classic in my eyes.

    Sorry, don't know how to post photos, but it really is a great jersey.
  • whitestar1whitestar1 Posts: 530
    I now they are not that old but the team nolonger exist so that should qualify for retro:


    and they are my best ever team!
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  • DeEmBeDeEmBe Posts: 31

    Having now sussed out the simple task of uploading pictures, here is my favourite jersey.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,548

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