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Jersey,helmet,trainers,shorts advice?

waterfalllwaterfalll Posts: 83
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Hey everyone
Should hopefully be getting my first road bike soon (bianchi nirone fingers crossed!)
Just wanted some advice/recommendations on jerseys,shorts,trainers (unsure which pedals i'll have yet) to get for a beginner on a pretty tight budget.
Whats the favourites on here for beginners?
cheers guys :)


  • edit oh and helmet! how could i forget that
  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    Aldi bike event starts thursday,they have all the kit at good prices and qaulity is ok aswel.Definately worth a look.
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  • AllanESAllanES Posts: 151
    This might be worth a look on Thursday. ... sday13.htm
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  • danlikesbikesdanlikesbikes Posts: 3,898
    Perhaps look in your LBS & see what range of clothes they do, one of ours do Endura and a few other brands to cater for a range of prices.

    You could always look at DHB from wiggle. Is there own brand & always have plenty of deals on too.
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