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Absolutely great, having made some great gains it looks like I'm off to the vets as I am growing an additional ball. The good news is that it's much smaller than its two brothers but is proving rather painful.

I had another one a year ago which was cleared up with anti biotics which no doubt will be the outcome here but are there any precautions I'm missing out on?

PH levels are high although I commute on a near daily basis there are no showers at my office, however I do use dry shower gel, towel off and change into clean clothes.

Or is it just on of those things? :roll:
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  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Is the cyst in the same place? If so, the antibiotics would have dealt with the inflammation/infection but probably not the root cause which often needs surgery. However, surgery in that area is always prone to a high risk of things going wrong (infection, slow healing, etc.) and would be the last thing your doc would want to recommend. Why not have a chat with him and see what he thinks? I am sure he would be happy to refer you to a specialiast for some more specific advice but learning the early symptoms and then stopping riding for a week or two would probably be the first thing that you can do to help yourself.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,222
    i got a keratinous cyst on my back, i suspect from years of humping a bergen

    it's due to a minute channel in the skin being blocked causing a 'balloon' of trapped stuff to inflate, while it may get sore due to abrasion, pressure or even infection, drugs will not remove it, doctor said the only way is cut it out

    if what you've got is the same type, i'd think the answer would be the same

    see a doctor
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