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Parts Compatibility Question (Derailleur/Shifter/Chainset)

pyro_billypyro_billy Posts: 2
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I bought a halfords carerra subway about a year ago with the intention of replacing pretty much every part of it aside from the fork and frame (a bit like Trigger's broom from Only Fools...), and learning about the maintenance etc along the way, and I'm nearly there, however next up is a front derailleur. The Yorkshireman in me has pointed out the following: ... elID=26662

However, I'm wanting to know whether it'll be compatible with the chainset (Sora 30/39/50) and the shifters (Shimano ST-EF51 EZ Fire Shifters)

Answers/Comments/Questions/Whatthehellareyoudoingman? all welcome.



  • No worries with that front mech/chainset/shifter combination, so long as the latter is indexed for a treble.
  • It will probably work, but flat bar shifters have a different pull ratio on the front mech (same as a mountain bike) so you actually need ... elID=84247

    or ... elID=38450

    Also, does your shifter have a trim function - ie 2 positions for each chain ring to stop the chain rubbing when you're at the either end of the cassette? If not, you should get mech in my first link as it's designed for 9 speed and the cage will be slightly wider than the mech in the second link which is designed for 10 speed.

    Hope that helps.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
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