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Compact to Compact Standard

RubbishCyclistRubbishCyclist Posts: 213
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Has anyone changed from a 50-34 to a 52-36 chainset? How do you find it?

Im riding a 12-27 cassette and on my usual rides never need 34-27 but quite often feel like I could be going faster and having a 52 big ring might give me a bit more my theory right?


  • stueyboystueyboy Posts: 108
    I reckon you're thinking is right. This site will tell you what speed differences you might achieve

    I live near you and there aren't many decent hills about. If you want to cross the A1 and head for Barton there are some hills there that you might need 34-27 for
  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    If you do the maths, or find a calculator that will do it for you, your current top gear (50x12) will see you pootle along at 26.1 mph at a cadence of 80 rpm. Up that to 52x12 and you'll be doing a massive 27.1 mph at the same cadence.

    At 90rpm the difference is 1.3 mph (all according to which may or may not be right.

    There's a bigger difference by pedalling a bit faster I'm afraid.

    I'm not necessarily saying it's a bad idea to change, but there's no free speed to be had unless you're topping out on the 50x12.

    [edit] spooky - was just typing this when stuey's addition came up...
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    ...or just buy a block with an 11 tooth on? To be honest though, unless you are going up big hills then you are unlikely to be going down big hills... and that is where I normally only see folks with a 50/11 combo spin at a decent rate. I just tuck in and save my breath, but then again I don't race :wink:
  • Ah thanks gents, by that token its probably not worth doing....

    Yes not many decent hills about our way.....just as well really as they arent my strong point!
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