Should I buy a bike too big for me ...?

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In which case why can I not get anyone to sell me a 650c road wheel? (Without paying stupid hundreds and hundreds of pounds)

I have a 51 bike; it fits very well and I have had it for 7 months now
I have ridden it a lot over the wet winter and around and through the potholes

I want to spruce it up, by improving the wheels (as everyone says)
But non-one sells 650 wheels... Seriously

So do I sell my 51 bike and buy a 53/54 with700s on it? Or just give up and go back to golf???

What do teenagers ride on, what does the average woman ride on?

What am I missing?


  • denniskwok
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    I'm a short 163cm man and I ride a 50/51cm frame with 700c wheels, with no issues.
  • Wirral_paul
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    Have you tried all of the wheel builders around? I doubt it. Simple economics would suggest that there isnt a huge market for loads of 650c wheels - and so as with most things, if you want something different then custom spec is the way to go.

    Fortunately with wheels, this is pretty much the best way anyhow. :)

    Justridingalong have 650c Mavic Open Pro rims - so am sure they could build you some nice wheels. I would try ringing around and see what other 650c rims are available
  • suzyb
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    I was looking into new 650c wheels a year or 2 ago and the only rims I could find were those open pro ones. Didn't get the new wheels in the end as the weight saving between my current ones and newer ones wouldn't really have been more than a few grams.
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    My Ribble has 700 wheels and its a 49 frame.

    Am I right that your bike already has 650 wheels, and these are the ones you need to replace? I think I may have answered my own question :?
    Don't buy a bike that's too big, you will end up getting all sorts of aches and pains and hating it, and buying one the right size some time later :roll:
  • sev112
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    Yes won't go bigger
    Just frustrated ...
    Looking at some MicheYoungs that a nice guy at wigglen has pointed me at

    Thanks all