Is my bike too big?

ednino Posts: 684
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Im 5ft 10 with a 32" inside leg
currently on a Large bike (55.5cm)

It feels fine too me but with my seat at 109% it looks like this...


Is that too low? Should I have a 53.5cm frame instead with the seat up abit more?


  • Tom Dean
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    How can anyone know based on that picture? :lol:

    - if it feels ok, it's probably ok.
  • declan1
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    Show us a full picture of you on the bike and we might be able to tell you.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • Buckie2k5
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    with 32" inseam your saddle height should be roughly 35" from saddle to pedal spindle with the pedal at its lowest point.
  • letap73
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    Do you have a Giant?
  • gozzy
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    The seat to bottom bracket distance is going to be the same even if you have a smaller frame, there'll just be more or less seat post showing. What you want to be thinking about is how does the reach feel? Are you too stretched out or is it ok? That's for you to judge, not the internet.