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The least I can spend on a decent full suspension mtb

winrow3745winrow3745 Posts: 8
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Hello All,

As I am getting older, I am really considering that if I get a decent full susser, I will get a more comfortable ride on the trails, rather than getting so shook about.

But I am really not sure how cheap I can really go and get a decent bike. I am also wondering whether I really have to have lock out on the rear shock?

I did have a quick look in Decathlon who have a few "cheap" models:

I also have a colleague in work who has just bought a Giant for £1100, so I was looking at this:

There is also the Boardman full suspension model, that I've not been able to see in the flesh as yet, they don't seem to stock them in many places nearby:

Any opinions greatly appreciated......


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    These are all superb machines, you have obviously done your homework!

    The Anthem is little racier than the others, but still very capable: the others have a bit more travel and are a bit more relaxed in the geometry.

    Personally I favour the 9.2 for a decent all round machine. Light, well equipped, excellent fork - is worth the extra over the 9.1.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The 9.2 is still the better machine.
  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    I had the RR 9.1 for nearly 2 years and had thought about getting the 9.2,superbly spec'd bikes for the money,I've had mine at a few trail centres running with over 2k bikes and it held its own....
    Giant Reign 2
  • That's interesting, the 9.2 is quite a bit more expensive. I s'pose I could stretch that far but I am really wondering whether I need to jump that much for the stuff I do. Macc forest is the toughest test it will be getting this Summer!

    The only thing is that I will also be doing quite a bit of travel along the canal, so I was wondering whether the adjustable shock might be nice to stiffen up when I'm on the flat stuff. Difficult for me to really say at the moment as this will be the 1st full susser I've ever owned.

    My only other consideration, at present, is that the Boardman Comp is on offer at Halfrauds, so I can get that for £939.99.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The extra money for the 9.2 is worth it - the suspension units are quite a step higher and much more adjustable, so is easier to tune to you an you terrain. Add in better components elsewhere, and lighter weight, and it adds up to a great package.
  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    What sonic say's.....if you can afford the extra then go for the 9.2,the Boardman is another well kitted out bike,and if you cant afford it,you will be more than happy with the 9.1.
    Giant Reign 2
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