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New tyres

gillypoogillypoo Posts: 45
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Hi All,

I have been busy on this site recently over the last few months, i upgraded my forks (to reba's) and on the weekend completed part of the SDW. I noticed that my tyres were completely useless on any kind of mud,and are getting rather worn now.
i am currently running continental race kings 26" 2.0.
I am looking at: ... #tabBuyNow
As seems a great deal.
Question, will the slightly wider tyres be a problem? i have a spec hardrock 2010 disc. they came with 26" 2.0 orignally, so assume that .2 more inches wont hurt?


  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    The width should be fine 2.2 is not considered massive so should be OK. But you can always check by having a look at the current clearance on your bike.

    Also if you can stretch the budget a bit more I would go for the Race Sport version. Its on sale, has a folding bead and is about 200g lighter than the wire bead version you posted. It doesn't come with inner tubes but they don't cost too much either.

    Just a note though while they will be better in the mud than the race kings they are still predominantly a dry weather tyre so fine for hopefully the better weather we should be getting now but might not handle the mud when it comes to winter, a more all rounder tyre would be the mountain king 2.
  • gillypoogillypoo Posts: 45
    What about the panracers fire pro then? as thats cheaper than the race sport version mentioned? ... bike-tyre/
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    Yep those are a pretty good all year round tyre. Not used them my self but they get good reviews and seen people recommend them on here.

    It'll be noticeably slower than the Race Kings but should offer more grip (you can't have both). The X-King is half way between the two. So depends on the conditions you normally ride in and how much grip / rolling resistance you personally want to sacrifice.

    But the price is good on either X-King or the Fire XC Pro which ever you choose.
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