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Tyre advice, need a semi-slick..

Kaz_SKaz_S Posts: 22
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Hi there

I realise this is probably a common question, but searching brings up quite old threads and I assume there are different options available on a year by year basis.

I have a Whyte 805 which is my XC bike, but I have started cycling to work a couple of times a week, 8 miles each way on tarmac cycle path. Currently running the tyres my bike came with, Continental Mountain King 2.2's, but would like to change for some semi-slicks for the summer season, the bike does get used for XC rides weekly as well as communicating so semi's are the way forward I think as I'd still like some grip when riding off road, but something that rolls fairly well would be nice.

Any suggestions, is there such a tyre?
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  • Could be worth looking at some of the schwalbe ones.

    I have marathon plus's on my hardtail for road and some offroad duty and they grip surprisingly well and are very hard to puncture (none in the year I've had them on there and with lots of use). Others that could be worth a look are the Hurricane and the Land cruiser though depending on what you think most of your riding will be.
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  • Kaz_SKaz_S Posts: 22
    Oh yes, there are a couple of Schwalbe's that look like they will do the trick.. thanks!
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