My Jamis Exile Race 29er upgrade plan

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My new Jamis Exile Race 29er :D ! Hey all! Got this new ride for 900USD! The shop was having a sale. It comes with SLX, Hayes ryde brakes, Rockshoc recon silver TK, shimano-WTB wheelset, Geax AKA and Ritchey stuff! I am very happy with what i got for this price! What do you guys think?

This is my upgrading plan in sequence
-carbon bottle cage
-HT 217grams flat pedals
-PZ racing carbon bar ends
-Fizik Gobi saddle
-ODI rouge grips
-Stans ZTR crest laced with hope hubs
-Continental RaceKing 2.2 tubeless
-Full XT groupset
-Fox F100 FIT CTD
-Thompson seatpost
-Cheap carbon stem and bar on CRC
-Nukeproof seatclamp
-XT/XTR/eggbeater pedals

What do you think about my build?
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    tigertang0 wrote:
    What do you think about my build?

    You've bought the wrong bike. If you're planning on changing that much you should've bought a more expensive bike to begin with!
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    2 pairs of pedals?

    Bar ends? It's not 1986 anymore!

    Greer is right, why buy a bike to chage forks, wheels and the entire drivetrain......nuts
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    You haven't mentioned changing the headset and the frame, but you're planning to change everything else. I suggest you get a headset and frame so that you can transfer the components off your current bike (with which you claim to be happy) onto it - that way you get two bikes for the price of two
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  • Where did you get the Jamis for 900? That sounds like a great deal! :D