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What should i go for ?

GaryM1GaryM1 Posts: 14
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Hi , i am very confused , as a newbie and having very limited knowledge on bikes it is a bit of a daunting task to select which machine to go for so i am hoping some of you more experienced folks can give me some pointers . I want to do a bit of red trails and after a bit of practice maybe even tackle the odd black :shock: but mainly the moderate off road type of stuff with some gentler stuff mixed in. After asking various questions on here i think i am learning a bit but still can not make my mind up.
I have looked at the rockrider 8.1 as a first step into MTB as it seems good value and probably more than i need ?
i think it looks great and no one has had a bad word to say about it but is it a big advantage to spend a bit more ? ... 68918.html

the cube ltd in a local shop looked very nice and seemingly the air forks are an advantage ?

but seen this on sale ... XTC-1-2012

it looks a good buy for the same price as the cube ?

i am assuming a hardtail would be easier for me to handle but there are some full suspension bikes on the above site going for good prices (or so i think)
like this ... EM-X4-2012

so not counting them out , it may be better to get a full sus now if it is going to be better rather than spend more money on a hartail now and then maybe regret it in a year or so if full sus is better for me ?

hoping some of you folks can help out with this confusing decision



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What is your budget? I see you have quite a few threads asking about bikes, I am unsure what you have to spend!

    If we can base suggestions on a max budget then it will make it easier.
  • GaryM1GaryM1 Posts: 14
    i thought the £550 for the rockrider was what i wanted to spend but the more i look the more i see , there are millions of good bikes out there , i never realised that there was sooo much to them. i do not really have a budget but it will be purely for recreational use maybe 6 or 7 times monthly in the decent weather so i do not really want to throw lots at it but at the same time if i can get a good deal for not much more and it is going to make a difference to me then the £850 for the other two bikes i have mentioned could be met if it is really worth it. i would like something nice and if i do get into it more hopefully i would not have to upgrade but i an never going to be into racing or anything like that.

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Anthem is a bit different being a full suspension bike, but is excellent value with great forks.

    A hardtail will be lighter though ie Decathlons more expensive Rockrider:

    A better buy than the XTC and Cube.
  • GaryM1GaryM1 Posts: 14
    The Anthem does look good , do I need to do anything with the forks to adjust / maintain with them being air ?
    Sorry for asking but I have never owned a machine anything like these before, any info on the forks would be appreciated

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Full manuals can be downloaded from the respected companies ie Rockshox and Fox.
  • GaryM1GaryM1 Posts: 14
    after a lot of browsing i think i want to go full suspension rather than get a hardtail and want to change in a year or so , my mate is going full suspension so do not want to risk spending more money next year if i want to change as this purchase will hopefully last me a lot of years, i think the current deals at pauls cycles look good value and i love the look of the giants and they come with a good reputation ( or so it seems). my original budget of £600 has now been raised as i look for full suspension but i do not want to go over the £1k and the interest free at pauls along with the special deals makes great appeal. My question(s) is for a beginner who will be using for some quieter rides with the family but also some red route stuff with my mate which would be suited to me better and why ? or are they all good and it may not make too much difference , here are the three i like the look of ...... ... EM-X3-2012 ... EM-X4-2012 ... CE-X4-2011

    Hopefully the X4 is good enough as i really like the look of it and the £899 price tag but if one of the others is much better then i will take your advice

    thanks for your help/advice

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