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Bike recommendations for a city commute?

John_WoodJohn_Wood Posts: 2
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I've decided to try to bike to and from work for the summer. I haven't had a bike for 10+ years, though i'm in decent shape. It's ~22km (14 miles) each way, which sounded daunting until i read how far others are riding. I will be commuting through the heart of the city, with streetcar tracks, moderate road quality, the odd packed/paved trail, very few bike lanes and 2-4 hills to tackle.

I visited the bike shop around the corner, and they've recommended the Giant Seek (0, 2 or 3). That said, they don't carry many brands, and the Seek was the only flat-bar with slick tires in the store. I'm hoping people here can help me understand:
1--how do riders of the Seek like it
2--are there comparable bikes people would recommend i should try to find instead?



  • I recently bought a fast hybrid / roadbike with flat bars, so did some research. Here are some options I recall:

    Whyte Cambridge or Stirling
    Charge Zester or Scourer
    Specialized Cirrus (?)

    My priorities were decent parts, quick-ish geometry while not having a roadie position, and hydraulic discs (trust me, you'll love them while in traffic...).

    Your mileage may vary.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,359
    Not a bad bike with alfine gears rather than rear derailleur is good for low maintenance, Fairly light so should be ok, you could look at trek fx range as well. I'm assuming from your post your in the states somewhere so cannot comment on LBS your way. Might be worth looking at road bikes or cross country type bikes as an alternative.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • MrChuckMrChuck Posts: 1,663
    Dunno about specific bikes, but IMO you should be looking at 700c wheels, space for up to 30 or 32mm tyres, ability to fit full mudguards (unless you live somewhere it never rains!), and at least V-brakes if not discs. Drop or flat bars will do, but if you go with flats I'd recommend a pair of short bar ends- better for climbing and a few more positions on a longish commute- 14 miles each way might not be as much as some people do but it's a fair distance still, more than most people do I reckon.
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