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Just going out for a couple of hours I tell Mrs MM yesterday. Couple of muesli bars will be plenty.
5 hours and 80 miles later (and first ride over 25 miles all year) knees sore and feeling a bit hungry. Only another 6 miles home though. Struggle up last hill, start feeling dizzy. I'll take it easy. Across the flat, I can barely turn the pedals. Stop at cafe, dismount but can barely stand. 30 min later , coffee and cake provide enough energy to get me home.
Note to self - must refuel before running on empty. I really had no idea what was going on before the cafe, lucky to make it down the hill in one piece


  • farrina
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    An average speed of 16 mph is very respectable for 80 miles especially given it was your longest ride by quite a margin so far for the year ...

    Not a good situation to"bonk" to that degree - easy to miscalculate and crash when in that state.

    Living up to your name me thinks ....


  • Davdandy
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    I bonked today too mate,(see `73 miles` thread),horrible feeling isnt it.

    Like you,i could hardly turn the wheels and was weaving across the road at some point but managed to get home.Glad you made it back safely.
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    I have not really bonked (no sniggering at the back) for over 10 years but still remember how bad it can be and every mile is an eternity.

    I do a lot of big mile runs over the 150mile mark but several weeks ago with 120miles in the legs I sort of duelled another rider up a long but shallow climb in the Borders and after catching and passing him I spectacularly blew up on the next climb and he sailed away on up the road. This was the closest I have recently to bonking but managed to recover quite easily but I think more big miles you do you do not really bonk but gradually just run out of steam but still keep enough to limp home.
    Brian B.
  • Mad_Malx
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    Yes, it was the speed I went from feeling pretty pleased with myself to almost unconcious that was scary. I'm reasonably fit, but clearly what I dismissed as a bit hungry is quite significant after 5 hours in the saddle. Will try to get a few more 50 milers in too, just not fancied it much in the cold & wind.

    Best night's sleep in a long while last night, and legs not too bad for this morning's commute.

    Davdandy - just seen your thread - looks like we had a very similar day!
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    Competitive bonking...

    I've bonked within 7k of starting a ride!
    I've bonked within 30 minutes...on a turbo!
    I've bonked in my sleep whilst dreaming of riding my bike!

    (I do inject insulin so I guess that's cheating in a TDF kinda way :D )
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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    First bonk is always the best!
    That feeling of 'what's going on' along with I don't really care if I crash into that hedge.

    Think I've been tempting fate recently as my on ride nutrition is usually derived from what I can nick from the kids packed lunch shelf!