Bike storage, where do you keep yours?

Graham K
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No I am not asking so I can go on the rob,

I store mine in a neighbours garage at the moment, 3 bikes and 2 motorbikes in a myriad of chains and anchors, but I am getting slung out as her son in law needs the garage for storage,
So I am after good idea's for secure storage of 2 MTB's and 1 roadbike,

Not enough room in the house for 3 bikes worth of wall hooks, and will be a major major job to get room in my garage at the moment.


  • lotus49
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    In my cellar.

    It won't be safe in a shed unless it's bolted to the concrete floor so you're probably going to have to clear out your garage or hang them from the garage ceiling.
  • VTech
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    Mine are in the kitchen at the moment (dont worry, there is no kitchen in the kitchen yet so Mrs V isnt too bothered)
    Mine will be going in the garage when thats built.
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  • farrina
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    On a wall mounted rack (two bikes) secured by Torc ground anchor and boron steel 13mm chain (I did consider 16 or 19 mm chains) but frankly the 13mm is huge and could if careless damage the bike.

    Note that 13 mm, unlike the others is not guaranteed to be totally secure against all bolt croppers.

    Money well spent me think and "Sold Secure" standard.

    Reviewed here and here


  • In the dining room (where else?) for my carbon bike.

    Mainly because there are 5 bikes and a tandem in the garage, I told mrs np that the alloy bikes would not talk to the carbon one so it has to stay in the house.
  • Bozman
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    In a garage with a 12 gauge alarm gun and a wall anchor.
  • Mikey41
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    Cupboard under the stairs. Enough room for 2 bikes in there, planning for n+1 already :lol:
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  • bernithebiker
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    Bozman wrote:
    In a garage with a 12 gauge alarm gun and a wall anchor.

    Brilliant! Gotta love shotgun alarms. They used to do one for motorbikes.

    Mine stays inside
  • elderone
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    MY carbon one is in the spare room and carrera in the garage.
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  • peat
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    Mine live in my bedroom. In the bed if it's really cold.

    Seriously though, sort the garage out you hoarding git.
  • fludey
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    Carbon lives mounted high on the wall in the playroom, alloy lives in dining room along with turbo and poor old MTB has to suffer the cold of the garage :) it does have the wife's for company thou :lol:
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  • A KIRK
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    In the back of my camper van safer than the shed
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  • plowmar
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    Both road bikes -Giant SCR and Bianchi in kitchen.

    Two Hardtails in garage - connected to house alarm- with carrera on the trainer.
  • mbthegreat
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    I have a bike cupboard in my flat (not sure what it originally was, about the same size as room the toilet is in). Fits two bikes, tools, wheels and all sorts. Say what you like about 1960s concrete monstrosities, but they sure knew how to give you lots of storage space
  • mrbubbaman
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    Leaning against the wall in the garage
  • xloly
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    In the kitchen. I was just logging on to do a search about this.

    Have you seen the Asgard bike stores ... r-vertical
    I was thinking of using one of these in a communal hall (shared with my nextdoor neighbour only) but really think it's a bad idea as it's just too tempting for scumbags.
    I could get this on the patio ... r-vertical but I'm still not 100% sure it's that safe (where I live).
    Might be worth a look for you if you have a secure back garden.
  • navrig
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    Depends where you live.

    I used to live in Inverness and our bikes were stored in the unlocked dog run alongside my motorbike and toolkit. Never thought about having security problems.

    Now if I lived in Newcastle or Liverpool....... would be a different matter.

    Where I am now - expensive bikes in the garage, not so expensive in the shed (or garden if my son does his usual and forgets to put it away).
  • willy b
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    Both road bikes live in the lounge... 8) No room anywhere else, although it's better than my old flat, where they lived in the bathroom...
  • goonz
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    All go in the shed which is inside the flat building.

    If and when I get my dream carbon bike it will be hanging on the wall in the living room over the sofa. Yes so I can sit there and look at it.
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  • hipshot
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    Main bike in the coach house and winter bike in the folly next to the maze.
  • in the bedroom - the wife sleeps in the garage.. I know which gives me more pleasure.. Sh1T she's coming up the stairs I gotta go..
  • Mikey23
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    Roubaix in the spare bedroom, defy and hybrid in the garage...
  • ademort
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    Three bikes in the shed, back garden. One bike in the out building and two bikes in the living room.
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  • Davdandy
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    In my garage,where at the back is a small room i built where i used to keep tropical fish.The fish are now gone (long story),but i still have a show tank but empty.My bike resides in there alongside an unused treadmill which my daughter wanted for this Christmas and has hardly been used since.(another long story). :evil:
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  • jouxplan
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    hipshot wrote:
    Main bike in the coach house and winter bike in the folly next to the maze.

    I just spat my coffee out laughing at this :D Brilliant!

    My Project One lives in the dining room, where I drool over it every breakfast and every supper. Mrs Jouxplan and the kids get very bored of me saying 'man, look at that bike!' every day :mrgreen: The other bikes try and comfort each other in the garage :(
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  • southdownswolf
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    MTB's in a purpose built brick bikeshed, along with the kids and wife's bikes/scooters/skates etc. Road bikes in the Bike workshop, formally known as Dining room.
  • TakeTurns
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    Winter bike goes in the shed. Which can literally be kicked down. :D

    Race bike stays in living room. Welcome to London.
  • Daz555
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    Commuter hack, MTB, road bike, wife's bikes, kids bikes, motorbike - all in the garage.
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