Setting up SPD SL

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I got shimano 105 pedals and looking to buy shimano r088 wide road shoes

Complete newbie. So dot know where to start, setup, cleats, clipping in and out

I'm fortunate enough to have a turbo trainer so can get the bike steady and trail and error

But any advice, tips in advance would be appreciated
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    There are some good vids on utube about this.I found them useful when I done mine and worked a treat.
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    I found this write up pretty helpful, always helps to search this site, as I have found loads of info on here...
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    Will have a read around
    I'm sure there's loads and loads of advice just hope I don't get swamped with info

    I lost my toe clip and now decided to make the transition.
    For those not even using toe clips I got to say they are pretty good.
    Having to pedal with just one toe clip made things very unbalanced
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm