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Not as easy to choose a new bike as I thought

colonelblightycolonelblighty Posts: 17
edited May 2013 in Commuting general
I bought a cheap Apollo X26 bike a couple of years ago so I could go out with my kids but since last September i started riding myself a bit more and now It's time to get a new bike. this i thought would be an easy decision but I see now that things have changed a bit since the days of my grifter and racer in the 80's.

I think looking around a hybrid is the way to go as I will be mainly on the road but with a little bit of canal path riding with my eldest at weekends etc. I have a budget of £300 tops and have been looking and reading for ideas and suggestions and the following pop up as potential candidates.

I am open to suggestions as what to is the best option as the more I read the more lost I get in what offers the best value for money and the best riding experience. I will be riding aprox 9-12 miles a day and am 5'10" if that makes any difference to what suits. I had originally looked at the Carerra subway from Halfords but I can't bring myself to pay £259 (on offer now) for what was available for £179 just a few months ago.


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