The Ten Rules Of Strava

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1, NEVER admit to a tailwind
2, NEVER admit to targeting a segment (I was just out for a ride, honest)
3, ALWAYS use a picture where you look really fast for your profile (deters 50% of people from even attempting to beat your times)
4, ALWAYS submit your weight a couple of kilos under your actual weight (increases your power output calculation)
5, NEVER upload your data when you've thrown a sicky at work
6, If you can't beat any KOM's on the climbs go for the descents (especially if they're dangerous and your'e willing to risk more than anyone else)
7, If you haven't got any KOM's at all create your own segment that's so complicated its probably never going to be ridden by anyone else again
8, NEVER admit to hitting every set of traffic lights on green during your one and only KOM
9, NEVER admit to having sat in a group of much faster riders the entire day
10, Make sure you set your privacy settings so some cock doesn't nick the only possession that's important to you!


  • alihisgreat
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    Number 4 - You need to increase your weight if you want to inflate the power estimations.
  • kettrinboy
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    Number 1 - if you got the KOM with a tailwind dont load the ride until its died down or changed direction.
  • gethinceri
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    No 5.
    No 5.
    No 5.
  • Never admit to a tailwind! So true!

    For privacy I typed in a few postcodes in my area so I got a random shaped privacy zone. This is an effort so that someone doesn't do any clever circle calculations and pin points the center as my bike!