Best aero helmets

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Hi folks,

What are, in your opinion, the best aero helmets both in terms of value for money and performance? Following a recent discussion on here, I have realised the importance of these.




  • jscl
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    Kask Bambino or similar. Typical aero helmets are perfect in one direction, a straight line. But the slightest bit of odd directional wind or a turn in the neck, they become the total opposite of their aerodynamic intentions. The reason the Bambino is so successful is that it is aero from all directions.

    Definitely worth the money.
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  • cerv52
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    I have Giro Air Attack and love it, whether it makes me faster or not, who knows and TBH I don't care either.
  • Grill
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    Depends entirely on your position. Short tail helmets such as the Bambino are good for those with excess head movement as they don't suffer as much when not flat against the back. They're also better in a head down position (as are helmets like the Wingspan and McLaren). Realistically without a tunnel you can't say for certain which works best for you, but you can guess depending on your profile in the proper position.
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    Are you going to be using it on the road (TTs) or on the track? You can get away with a longer tailed version on the track as the side-wind factor and the need for excessive head-turning is negated. It does depend on your style... if you're super-smooth and naturally 'aero' a long tailed version is fine, but if you're prone to looking down, around etc try something with a shorter tail - Bambino etc... Also factor in that aero-helmets cover the ears and can effect your hearing... I hated using Giro helmets in team-pursuiting because they covered the ears and I liked to hear what was going on around me... but I'm old fashioned that way! :D