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Hio All

Weird one, first big ride last night for me and came to a hilly section so decided to stand up and pedal :shock: it was a bad idea i felt like i was going to come straight off as my legs felt so rigid and just didnt feel right

Now im still getting used to clipped in pedals so was wondering does it feel weird to start with and i will get used to it or could it be something else??


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    Can feel a bit odd standing and pedalling if your clipped, can't imagine it being anything else other that TBH perhaps do some practice at slow speed on the flat and see how that goes for you. If your not in any pain or discomfort then perhaps its just down to needing a bit more practice?
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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    I still find standing,hard going,especially on hills,but I just keep having a go every ride and it,s getting better.
    Just keep practising and it will improve over time.
    Good luck.
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    It'll get better as you do it more. One thing to remember is when you get out of the saddle, don't let your legs get completely straight. You need to pedal with "soft knees" and you may need to go up a gear or two as cadence will be lower. Watch some of the race coverage of the pros, that's the technique. (just don't expect to be going as fast ;) )

    I'm doing it a bit more now, but I tend to use it for those little sharp hills to punch myself over them, or getting to the top of that really steep bit.
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  • Its normal to feel strange at first, If I haven't ridden in a while, standing out of the saddle is awkward at first

    Try and find the cadence most comfortable for you out of the saddle, ~70rpm is a good target to start with.
    Keep at it and increase the time you spend out of the saddle on each ride to improve your technique (mentioned above - try a search on youtube for people doing it on a turbo)
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    'Dance on the pedals' as supposed to 'walking up stairs'
  • cheers guys will give it some more practice :wink: