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Clipless pain behind the knee tendon/ligament

EvZ67EvZ67 Posts: 4
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Hi guys I read countless topics about behind the knee issues but still can't find out the cause.

I rode clipless for about 2 month and started experiencing this burning/stinging like sensation on the outside part back of my right knee it feels as if though it's from the tendon that sticks out when your knee is bent I sometimes feel the sensation on the outer calf area too. Initially it hurts when riding after I'm warmed up it doesn't hurt as much but once I'm off the bike the sensation stays for a good while burning type it's not the same as muscle fatigue and takes about 4 days to a week to heal.

I am using Shimano SPDs standard ones which use a recessed cleat I have two bikes both have different pedals and two pairs of shoes I use my road bike more the issue is with both though I have lowered the seat the pain is only a little lighter but still there but at this point the seat is too low and I get fatigued way too fast with burning quads.

Note the float on the pedals is quite high I can toe in or stick my heel in to the point it's uncomfortable I can definitely position my feet where they would be on flats I compared.

As soon as I switched to flat/toe clips the pain was gone. It only occurs on the upstroke and only on my right leg, left leg is completely fine.

I tried:
-Moved my saddle forward to get right knee alignment with pedal spindle
-I moved the cleats back as far as they can go (cleats mounted on front two holes so cleat wasn't all the way back)
-Lowering saddle height

Any suggestions?



  • InitialisedInitialised Posts: 3,047
    Cleat angle perhaps?

    Sit on the edge of a table with your thighs flat and your lower legs hanging observe the angle they make and adjust your cleats to toe in or out to match.
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