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CAAD10 or supersix tiagra

truckeroxfordtruckeroxford Posts: 13
edited April 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi I'm looking at a CAD10 or a supersix tiagra I've got a 2013 CAAD8 is the CAAD10 2013 a lot better then the 8 or would a supersix tiagra be better with not as good kit on it I do have a boradman road team alloy with 105 and could put that on supersix


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Punctuation at all?

    Usual advice is to get the best frame you can afford. Trouble is some might say that's the Super Six, some might say the CAAD 10.

    FWIW i'd go for the Super Six.
  • nawtynawty Posts: 225
    I'm not quite sure I understand all of that but what's wrong with your CAAD 8?

    If it's a 2013 model you can't have had it for that long!
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  • nawty
    im happy with my CAAD8 and no not had it long but was thinking of useing it as a winter bike and get a CAAD10 or supersix. what i ment is i have a boradman road team alloy with 105 on it but the reach is 1 inch and half to long so was going to sell that and get a good summer bike
  • Dazza2280Dazza2280 Posts: 156
    Its not that the CAAD10 is better than the 8, its a different set-up, the 10 is a race bike, the 8 a sportive one. See if you can get a shop to let you try out a CAAD 10 first, as the racier geometry might not suit you
  • dazza
    i may do that or i may get a shorter stem for my boradman and put better leavers and gears on my caad8 as iv got new wheels for it at same time as i got the bike and i love riding my 8 its a very good bike
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