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commute on Single speed jump bike

gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
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ive started to commute on my jump bike and am really struggling at the moment. im just looking for advice on what i can do to make it easier its only 2.5 miles each way. ive already lifted my seat post up to its marks and it helped. gears is not an option. bike has a 180mm disc on the back. im looking into "road" tyres for my spare wheels to allow me to still play with out much effort
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Buy a different bike. Or MTFU.
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  • gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
    well manning up is on the cards :lol:
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  • pas142pas142 Posts: 6
    Get some street tyres like Maxxis Hookworm, DMR motos, Tioga Power blocks, or Schwalbe kojaks or Intense micro knobby to name a few- You can still lark around but it will make life alot easier (you can still jump down stairs etc if you go for the 2.3s). No point buying a different bike for a 2.5mile commute unless you fancy racing road bikes.
  • gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
    ive got a moto on the back anyway that is at the end of its life
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  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,715
    2.5 miles is nothing; back when I was 16, 17, 18 at college, I used to have to get the train; the station from my parents house (in the middle of nowhere) was 4 miles and 1 mile at the other end.

    My methods of commuting were either: walking/running, skateboard (longboard), ride my BMX (usually with my skateboard mounted to my rucksack) or ride a jump bike (usually with my skateboard on rucksack).... Mainly depended on:

    1. was the jump bike in working order - yes, ride that, no:
    2. was the BMX in working order - yes, ride that, no:
    3. was the weather really bad (i.e. wet or icy)? no, take the longboard, yes:
    4. Walk with a bit of running to the station.
  • GT-ArrowheadGT-Arrowhead Posts: 2,507
    All i can recommend is changing the gear ratio really...i commute on my BMX when my commuting bike isnt rideable, and i always wish i had a higher top speed.

    Tyres is the next best thing, so yeah, go for the tyres :)
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    I've got Schwalbe Table Tops on my 4X/fun bike - great on tarmac, pavement or dirt - fine on most stuff tbh
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  • gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
    my gearing is set 36-13/12 cant remember. fitted a set of dmr moto r/t's with folding beads now and it rolls much easier

    also now has hope tech evo m4 rear and the m575 up front
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  • gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
    well manning up has done the trick even gone higher ratio but not much and its easier now gone 36/13 was 14
    I rode what you dug last summer
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