LBS who can true straight-pull spoked front wheel Nr Oxted?

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I'm having a bit of a nightmare and wonder if anyone can help.

I need to get my front wheel (Fulcrum racing 5) trued but I can't find anywhere who will do it, as it has straight-pull spokes. Most of the LBS near me are mass-market offerings who scratched their head when I brought the wheel in.

No broken spokes, just slightly wobbled owing to potholes.

I live near Oxted and can't find anywhere who can do it.

Bigg In Bikes in Biggin Hill said no.
Petra Cycles in Oxted said no.

Someone recommended Bigfoot Bikes in Bromley, but their phone line is dead and their website says they've moved (but doesn't say where to).

C&N cycles in Reigate said "no problem - there're just normal spikes aren't they" and sounded like they didn't know what they were doing, so I'd rather not take them there.

Cycle Sport in Caterham bloke said he'd only ever trued 3 wheels in his life and wasn't sure what a straight-pull spoke was.

Really struggling here. Surely it's not that unusual a request?