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Need advice on bike suitability for needs.

rsham277rsham277 Posts: 10
edited April 2013 in MTB beginners
hi ya,

so i've decided on the Giant Expression LX Women's 2012 as my first bike, ... duct/47866 after loads of reading/ getting confused/jargoned out.

I need some advice on whether this is suitable for my needs. primarily needed for commuting to work ( on tarmac), but am also using it for the coast to coast over a couple of days. is that ok? i read that 700c wheels are not good for off road bits, - how much can it take/ what type of trails are ok/not ok? also can you change the wheels later for off road uses ( going on trails/down hills)

i'm checking out the bike on monday , any help appreciated !


ps- wasnt sure if this came under road or mountain so have posted in both, sorry!


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