25mm Inner tube size.

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So my Conti 4000s 25mm arrived and I'm in the process of putting them on now.

However, I'd not taken into consideration the tube size. My Vittoria Ultralite tubes say 700 x 19 - 23mm.

Is this going to cause me a problem, should I have 25mm specific tubes?




  • dgunthor
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    should be ok
  • ugo.santalucia
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    I use the same size tubes for 32 mm tyres... 8)
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  • Paulj700
    Paulj700 Posts: 76
    ^^ Thanks. I assumed it would be OK.

    My pump (joe blow) seems to be having a problem getting them up to pressure. After 90psi its really struggling, though thats probably the pump and not the tubes.