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Trek Remedy 9 frame upgrade.

bgrooversbgroovers Posts: 64
edited April 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Following a frame warranty for my 2009 GF Roscoe Trek are kindly replacing the frame with a Remedy 9 frame which im really stoked about. However it throws up a few issues for me.
1. the new frame has 142 x 12 drop outs and i currently have the original 135 Bontrager wheel set. The cost of a new rear wheel and specific 142 ABP skewer is more than i can currently afford. I have posted in the wanted forum for an ABP convert set to "downgrade" to a 135 dropout set from someone who has upgraded their Remedy 7 or 8 to 142. Any other ideas?
2. The remedy is meant to have a 150mm travel fork. I had just spent £300 upgrading the internals from to FIT RLC Float 140 on the original G2 Talas chassis and again cant justify shelling out more on a new 150mm travel fork. Will an 09 Talas chassis take an upgrade to 150mm Float internal?
Does the Trek remedy run with the G2 fork offset or was that a Gary Fisher specific thing?
2a. Could i get the extra "height" at the front by running my current 140mm travel fork and up sizing the front rim to a stans flow 650b? What thoughts on this please.
I am very grateful to trek for the new frame under warranty but i am on a very tight budget having overspent in last few weeks prior to frame cracking. Thanks for your thoughts.


  • Tom BartonTom Barton Posts: 516
    1. Don't know sorry.

    2. Ring mojo - they'd be able to tell you -

    3. Wait till you know about the forks first - alot of debate on converting to 650b rims - you might find simply putting a nice big high volume tyre will have the same effect (conti rubber queen 2.4s for example are mahoosive, but fat alberts, 2.4 ardents, 2.5 maxxis DH jobs will all up the front end a touch over most 2.2 - 2.35 tyres without the complications of bigger rims).
  • bgrooversbgroovers Posts: 64
    Thanks Tom.
    TF tuned said the 2009 Talas chassis cant be converted to 150mm...

    Running 2.5 Maxxis Minion DHF EXO when i head to the alps this summer so should help with geometry as you pointed out. Currently running 2.35 Minion DHF single ply with Ardent on the rear.
    I like the concept of 650b though...
  • JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
    Don't forget to make sure the MINO link is in the slack position, especially if you are running a shorter fork. Please let ne know which shock you get also - I got a 2013 remedy 9 frame with a 2012 shock?? Still happy though.
  • Tom BartonTom Barton Posts: 516
    There have been a few articles recently discussing this that are worth a read. I know theres alot of rave particularly amongst owners of zestys about converting to 650b but its worth taking a read of this first before you decide to part with any money: ... 50b-36241/
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