Stolen Ribble Gran Fondo

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My nice new(ish) Ribble Gran Fondo has just been stolen from my back garden in South West London. I've only had it since last september. Looks like the thieves hoped over a neighbours wall and out.

Completely gutted - and I'm supposed doing a charity bike ride next month in support of children heart problem (which my daughter has).

Police have been helpful. Checked eBay, and not seen anyone trying to flog it. Anyone have any advice on how best recover it? Or count my losses and max out the credit card again.


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    Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain.

    A friend of mine had his bike stolen from his back garden in Putney a few years back when a couple of sweaty oiks went on a spree and hit a couple a couple roads in the space of a few days. His bike was insured, but it doesn't sound like you have any in your case? So my advice would be to hook yourself up with some insurance as it adds peace of mind for things like theft, public liability etc.

    In terms of recovery it's hard to tell what these waste of DNA types will do with the bike, but I would keep an eye out on Gumtree as well as ebay, or just go to

    Also, Brick Lane is notorious for people going around trying to sell 'their' bikes for silly money.

    Good luck.
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    check your house insurance? mine has up to £600 for bikes which I know wont cover the full bike but at least would soften the blow some what