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Hi,hope this the right place for this question,but if I swap my rear cassette from a 12-25 to an 11-25 will I need to change my chain length ( the chainset will remain the same ) thanks in advance for any help


  • nicklouse
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    Nope small cog size has no effect on chain length.
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    Thank you
  • drlodge
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    nicklouse wrote:
    Nope small cog size has no effect on chain length.

    Not true, a better response would be "it depends". If your chain is already as long as it can be i.e. on small-small the rear derailleur has taken up as much slack as it can, then having a smaller smallest cog means the chain will then be slack on the smallest cog, and you would need to remove 2 links.
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    Actually the correct response is "no this is the wrong place. Workshop is the correct place" :-)
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    Thanks to all who offered advice, all sorted now ,so thanks once again