Tyres for Sportive - 700 x 28?

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I cycle to work every day (just 12 mile round trip) on my Cube Cyclocross bike and have Schwalbe Durano Plus 700x28 tyres which seem pretty good at keepig punctures away.

I've been signed up for a 100 mile Sportive and will use the same bike. I am wondering if the tyres are going to be ok or if I would feel much of a difference by swapping to 700x23 or 700x25 tyres?

Any thoughts


  • walney
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    I am currently running 28c Conti Sports on my Mares AX4.

    I have used them for club rides and training including a 20mph average chain gang tonight.

    I think you will be fine, I wouldn't swap for the sportive.
  • Barteos
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    You're not going to be faster on narrower tyres per se but there are more high end tyres available in 23mm and 25mm than in 28mm width. (unfortunately)
    A safe bet - 25mm GP4000 - will certainly be an improvement over Duranos.
  • marylogic
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    I did my first sportive last year on durano plus and I was a lot faster than all the guys who p*nctured at the beginning! I don't think there was any sabotage but there must have been a lot of stuff on the road (I'm guessing broken Buckfast bottles as it was Glasgow :wink: ) - the number of people puncturing was really high but I had no problems - I think they're great tyres.
  • I'm a fan of getting the best tyres for the purpose. In your position, I'd treat myself to a nice pair of 700 x 25 ; I need everything going for me to complete a 70+ mile ride.
    I'm sure you and many others will do fine on 700 x 28
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    I would stick with them for the sportive as I would be fairly confident that punctures are unlikely.