First rides!

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I went on my first ride yesterday and absolutely loved it!

I managed 15 miles in around 1 hour 20 mins, not the quickest I know, but it's a start! It included a few hills though so I was fairly pleased with my ride and didn't hurt too much afterwards. Although I was sore from the saddle this morning!!

As the sun was shining today I decided to get out again but after around 5 minutes I realised my legs were still every tired from yesterday, I only managed 5.5 miles, all of it flat!

This got me thinking, what is the best plan to have as a beginner?


  • Well you managed 15 miles without any repercussions, so it would seem like a good starting mileage, then gradually increase it week by week. It goes without saying ,but I'll say it anyway, your speed will improve, and so will your fitness, and after a good few rides Mr tum tum will recede to the point where you'll be able to wave hello to captain winkie again :lol:
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    well done on your first ride,thats a good start.take it steady and as WL says just increase weekly and the distance and speed will increase.Most of all just enjoy your riding.
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    Awesome result -well done. Getting out on the bike is the real success. Doesn't matter how long you have been riding the inertia of staying indoors is always the biggest hurdle (unless I'm in a minority of one).

    So far as weekly distance is concerned (or number of hours ridden per week - usually a better guide) most training plans recommend increasing by no more than 10% per week.

    Remember though to make every fourth week an easy recovery week - definitely no heroics - then you will be able to bank all those fitness gains - it is recovery that makes you fitter - just keep repeating that when you are enduring the pain!
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    Well done!

    Don't try and do too much too soon, and as said, allow recovery time. You'll quickly find you can extend the distance each week a bit at a time. Otherwise, just ride and enjoy it :)
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