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pre-bike purchase

mr97mr97 Posts: 13
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Hi Guys

I was all set to buy a Cannondale BB 29er until my friend suggested that I would be better buying a cheaper bike for practice and for building-up my confidence - I haven't cycled for 20+ years :oops:

I'm a big guy 6' 2" & 22stone and had the BB 29er in mind as a bike that would be my transport and exercise in one. I'm out of work at the moment so I'm trying to make what savings I have count by getting the best bang for buck that I can afford.

The Vitus Vee 1 29er looks a very solid, simple and cheap bike that might help me lose more weight, get me used to cycling again and serve as a 2nd bike - useful also as a bike I would use for appointments etc. as leaving an expensive bike locked-up anywhere where I live would give you high blood pressure.

I've also noticed a Cannondale BB 7 26" for £319. It's reduced from £600 and looks very capable of getting me bike fit.

My question is: should I just bite the bullet and buy the Bad Boy 29er as my sole all-in-one bike or do you think it would make sence to buy either the Vitus Vee or BB7 first?



  • It all depends on what type of riding you enjoy and which environments you cycle in? ect - few miles around the town, up and down mountains, commuting to work ect? I made the mistake of a cheaper mountain bike as my "first" bike since i was younger, the only mistake being that i never went close to a mountain therefor being a impractical bike for the task at hand :) hope this helps?
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  • mr97mr97 Posts: 13
    Thanks Cycling-mad, I will be mainly cycling around town and commuting to and from work - when I get a job. Any off road will be short-cuts etc nothing special. I intend to do a 6mile daily ride to keep fit and get used to cycling. I'm not sure if buying cheap n cheerful will kill my enthusiasm for cycling or give me a clearer idea for what bike will better suit my needs and budget? I have £1000 budget. I'm not sure if I should just get the best I can afford now or buy a cheap model to lose weight and build-up fitness etc. It wouldn't be so bad if I was working, but with the work situation looking so dire my bike will be my no. one transport for the foreseeable...
  • Big_PaulBig_Paul Posts: 277
    Think of the Vee as a big BMX, that's exactly what it is, I have one of the 26 inch wheel ones for general farting about on and yes, you could commute on it, and IMO, a single speed makes you ride harder, it's not for everyone. I like my Vee and I'll not be getting shot of it, but I wouldn't have one as my only bike.

    I have an 2012 one of these. ... ross-bikes

    If I had to keep just one of my bikes it would be this one, it's been through mud, snow, rocky paths, forest tracks, and at the minute has mudguards and racks on it for touring, apart from a couple of tubes and replacing the censored brake pads, it's been bulletproof.
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  • mr97mr97 Posts: 13
    Thanks Big_Paul, plenty for food for thought.
  • Remember - buy cheap; buy twice. Oh but you are planning to buy twice? I wouldn't mess about buying a bike to get 'bike fit' on. Just get the one you want now and justify it by saving money not buying a 'pre-bike'.

    In terms of weight loss. You will get out what you put in to any bike.

    Of the two pre-bikes you mentioned I personally would go for the Cannondale as I would argue that if you are not used to cycling then you would likely want some kind of gearing. Both do look nice I must admit.

    Out of interest, how long were you planning to ride about on the pre-bike before deciding you are ready for the 'bike'?
  • mr97mr97 Posts: 13
    LockStock666 - your post has been most helpful. I have been again getting on my own nerves researching the hell out of bikes looking for the perfect buy! I could be out side riding a Cannondale BB - the bike that in my heart I really want - Enough is enough!
    Thank you all for your experience and advice. It's now time to get off my computer chair, stop looking at bikes and get myself out on one.
    thanks again guys.
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