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Mekk A1 PINEROLO AL 2.0 (105)

DecTobDecTob Posts: 8
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Was wondering if anyone has this bike or if anyone would like to share any views on it.

I'm looking to buy this and like what I've read about it and also the company in general but am I really getting value for money like I'm been led to believe. I don't know much about bikes but with regards to up grading the components would I be looking at just upgrading the wheels (after I've upgraded my body first and need to start thinking about making gains on the bike)

Here is a link to the bike.


  • Ride hardRide hard Posts: 389
    I've got no experience of Mekk myself, but there was a review on here not so long ago which rated the Sora specced version quite highly

    The spec looks fairly good (although they are the older style 105 shifters if that's a priority for you). As with anything though, one man's meat is another man's poison, so I would try and get to a shop with one in stock and have a test ride because the best looking, best specced bike in the world might look stunning to look at but not feel right when you're in the saddle.

    Hope that helps.
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  • DecTobDecTob Posts: 8
    I just rang a local dealer that "sells MEKK" and they just slagged the company off said the bike is a mis match of parts :( Thats put me right off the MEKK.

    Can anyone recommend a bike that has a racy geometry or knows of a list of these types of bikes for me to look at??
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