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Scott CR1 Comp - anybody have one

onlyahillonlyahill Posts: 13
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Hello folks,

thinking of getting a Scott CR1 Comp and looking for some feedback from anybody that has one. Are they as comfortable as marketing suggests, how good is climbing etc. Main use will be day lomg rides up to 140miles



  • tincamantincaman Posts: 508
    Hi, just built a bike up from a 2010 CR1 Comp frame, has full SRAM Rival and RS80 wheels. Its worked out brilliantly, I cant believe how much I am knocking off my personal Strava times straight away. Comfort appears good too, tyres will obviously make a difference, I am running GP4000s.
  • Ankles50Ankles50 Posts: 53
    I have one
    Wheels on mine were absolutely horrific (alex rims) upgraded to Mavic Ksyrium Elites within weeks
    Very light, comfortable and responsive
  • canny_ladcanny_lad Posts: 329
    I've got a team which is virtually identical bar the 105 groupset. It's a cracking bike, longest ride so far 53 miles with no problems. Climbs really well and comfort is fine. I'm gonna change the tyres soon though as the stock tyres (Conti ultra race) are pants.
  • Mickyg88Mickyg88 Posts: 289
    I've had one for about 18 months, can't compare it with anything else as its my first ever road bike, all I can say is I'm an old sod at 66 now, I find it a fantastic ride, never had any discomfort ( but not done 140 miles yet!), was set up for me from the LBS where I bought it and haven't had to make any changes, just ordered new wheels as I think the Alex rims provided are abit heavy, just buy it you will love it. The bike itself is no heavyweight by any means, somewhere just over 18ibs which is pretty good for a base model, a couple of upgrades down the line should knock a pound or more of that if your weight conscious.
  • tazmontazmon Posts: 107
    I have a 2011 CR1 Elite and it's great! Super comfortable and climbs really well too. As mentioned above the stock Ultra Race tyres are shockers (too many punctures including 2 on the New Forest Sportive a couple of weeks back) so I'm putting on some Grand Prix 4 Seasons. I was tempted by the GP4000s but have got a bit paranoid about punctures so want the extra protection.

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  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    My weekend steed is build on a 2010 CR1 frame but with Sram Force group and hand build wheels. I've ridden a number of centuries on it and not had any discomfort at all. It's not as cushy as the Madone or Roubaix, the back end is a bit more connected to the road but I like that. At the time I bought mine it was probably the lightest frame you could get without paying silly money. Flies up hill as well as any bike could with me on the back.
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  • gsvbagpussgsvbagpuss Posts: 272
    It is a great bike, in my very narrow perspective of only having owned one good bike!

    In terms of comfort, I went from one 48 mile solo to a century and had absolutely no pain at all. The wheels are apprently naff and I have upgraded (due to accident) but that's easily done. The attraction to me was that the frame remains the same across the range; the more expensive versions have better groupsets and wheels. Wheels are easily swapped, so made sense to me to start with a good frame and upgrade the bits.
  • onlyahillonlyahill Posts: 13
    cheers for the feedback, usefull to hear your views and not just the marketing blurb

  • dastrassdastrass Posts: 61
    Bought my cr1 about four months ago. Love it. Only problem is I've found the paint work bubbling away round the bottom bracket. Gonna send it back to Scott
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