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Hi all

As a CTC memeber I got this E-mail asking me to sign a petition to encourage investment in cycling. You need to click on - takes 2 mins.


PS E-mail read:


aim for 10% of trips by bike by 2025 and 25% by 2050, and
£10 per person, per year in funding for cycling

Those are the headlines of today’s Get Britain Cycling report, published by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group.

Now we need the Prime Minister to respond.

Together with the Times, Sustrans, the AA and British Cycling, CTC is urging members to sign up to a joint petition on the Number 10 website, calling for the Government to implement the recommendations.

In particular, the report calls for £10 per person, per year, to support a radical transformation of streets and roads, as well as training, promotion and marketing to shift the culture on our roads.

I gave evidence to the inquiry in March, arguing that Government needed to do far, far more to improve conditions for cyclists. This is the opportunity to start making the changes necessary.

Please do take a couple of minutes to sign up on the Number 10 site.



Jon Snow
President of CTC
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