2nd hand frame valuation.

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I am on the market for a second hand frame but I am finding that sellers that I have contacted who expressed an interest in selling or splitting their bike (but not actually putting the frame up for sale in the classifieds) are reluctant to tell me how much they want for their frame. The owness is put on me to make them an offer, however I don't wish to offend with a low offer or pay over the odds. Is there a general rule of thumb for a 2/3/4 year old quality frame in good nick?


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    it's worth to you what you're prepared to pay for it.
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    Nah there's not a reliable formula really. You can't go off a percentage of the complete bike's RRP as some bikes have great frames but crap components and others are the opposite so how large a percentage of the frame cost is in the complete bike RRP varies a lot. Easier if the frame is available to buy on it's own, at that point I'd want around 50% off retail for a frame up to 18 months old as you aren't getting any warranty and you're taking a chance on the history of the frame (i.e. if it's been crashed or not).
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    Don't know what you're after or how much you're willing to spend, but chainreaction have got some really good deals on Ridley frames at the moment. Other than that, I agree with the poster above, no more than 50% off retail for a frame over 18 months, mainly due to a lack of warranty and history of the frame.
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    supercyril wrote:
    I don't wish to offend with a low offer or pay over the odds.
    then you will never buy anything.

    that is how you barter.
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