Bikefit for big guy with ankle problems

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I'm looking for a bit of advice. I'm a very amateur road cyclist suffering from ankle problems. I have problems with ankle tendons and I get peroneal tendinitis in my left ankle. It's an old rugby injury from when I played prop.
The last bought of tendonitis I got was after a very hilly ride whereas I usually do fairly flat spins.
I'm thinking I might need to get my Dolan Hercules properly fitted for me. I'm also a heavy guy at around 19 stone.
Am I waisting my money getting a proper bikefit? Is it aimed at serious racers or regular recreational cyclists.
Is a Retul fit ott?
Any advice appreciated...


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    If anything.. I'd recommend a bike fit more with regards to the weight. The issue with weight and riding is normally strain on the back. Having a fit will put you in a position that is more comfortable and less straining.

    I'd give a big recommendation to Richard @ Pedal Precision if you're going to go down the bike fit route.
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    Get yourself to see Richard at
    It's 110 quid but SO worth it in the long run. Otherwise you'll only ever get sorted through luck.
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    Thanks guys. I live in Ireland so I will look into getting someone local.
    Is Retul worth the extra cost?
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    Never had a Retul fit, had fits from Cadencesport and, after a bad accident, Pedal precision, both excellent. Both in England :(
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  • Hi, I'm like you, fairly amateur.

    I had a Retul fit with Bike-Science in Darlington after struggling to feel right on a new bike, they've got a few branches but none in Ireland - I can't recommend it enough. I can't compare Retul to traditional but if you like data the Retul fit is the way to go.

    One additional point, from what I see there are a lot of bike shops now offering a 'fitting service'. I guess it's another add-on service they can sell, I'm sure like anything there are good and bad out there but it's as much about the fitter himself as the system. One benefit of the Retul route is that there is a guarantee that the fitter has a certain level of competence / training and is working to a recognised standard.

    All the best.