Focus cayo 3.0 2012 model. sizing for a 6ft male.

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I am after some advise with a bike that i want. the bike is a Focus cayo 3.0 2012 model. The only size that i can find is a 56cm Large frame. On all the sizing charts its saying 6ft comes within this size along with a 58cm xlarge frame. If anybody else has a large size and is 6ft tall can u please get in touch with me. I have reserved the bike but dont want to be trying to get rid 6 months down the line.
Thanks again craig (foxybingo)


  • bmxboy10
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    If it helps i tried a 2012 Cayo 56cm (on test from Wiggle) and being 5ft 10 felt it was slightly too big for me particulary in terms of reach so i returned it. At 6ft i think a 56cm will be spot on.
  • I have a 2012 Cayo Evo and am 5ft 10 and went for the 54cm frame as it fitted better than the 56cm which I would normally be on.