Saddle width... for 135-140mm sit bones

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I'm about 188cm=6'2" tall and I roughly measured my sit bones to 135-140 (140mm being distance to the outer edges).
What saddle would you guys recommend to me?
I'm fairly new to road cycling.

I was thinking about San Marco Regal (150mm width) from reviews it seems like a nice saddle but I'm still concerned...
I also considered 143mm Specialized Team Toupe which I almost bought the other day (they run outta them on stock, so... :| ).

Any suggestions?



  • team47b
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    A saddle that is 155mm wide.

    Normally you measure sit bones centre to centre and add on 10mm either side, any narrower will put pressure onto the parts between the sit bones any wider may chaff your thighs.
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    I thank you for your input :) .
    My "technique" of measurement consisted of one small bench, a towel, and aluminium foil.
    So I sat there and tried to left rather small circle sit-bone marks in alu-foil. I know this ain't ideal technique but I don't know any better "do it yourself" technique.

    And another thing, I currently ride Ritchey Streem V2 saddle which is 130mm width. ... 2-12-46291
    However I didn't find it to be terribly uncomfortable... it becomes uncomfortable after some 40-50km and I guess it would become unbearable after 100km (so far I didn't rode that saddle for more than 60km).
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    Get a 'friend' to assist in the measurement :shock:

    The fitter you are (bike wise) the less weight you put on your saddle, but the longer the ride the more your legs will tire and eventually lead to you putting more weight on the saddle which is when it is important to have the right width as if the saddle is not wide enough the weight will then be on the bits between your sit bones.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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    To my long-suffering wife's exasperation I got her to measure my sit bones, but I decided to "verify" the results and so got a slab of my daughter's Play Doh on a wooden bench and sat on it with a bare arse. The resulting sit-bone imprint made a very accurate measurement possible (which was different to my wife's attempt as I suspected but I decided not to mention it since I didn't really want a black eye at the time).

    I did of course dispose of the Play Doh, not allow my daugther to play with it again. Possibly.
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    Thanks for input guys.
    I understand that a lot of these issues with saddles (sore butts) may come 'cos of the wrong rider position etc. and surprisingly not putting enough power on pedals!

    I just did 50km hard training (at least hard for me :mrgreen: , averaging above 30km/h) and was experimenting with riding positions, I spent a lot down on drops especially when out on open and not in town/villages where wind aren't as strong as on open (ok this is perhaps about technique, my is still almost non existent but I'm improving :D ).
    Curiously enough my butt didn't hurt at all, probably because I was almost putting my best all the time + was shifting positions frequently.
    I'm not saying that I'm really comfortable on bike just that I haven't felt the pain.

    About saddle choosing... I'll see what my best options are but I thank you all guys for suggestions and other input :!: